Universally funny isn't a thing

Sometimes I wish we all thought the same things were funny, but we don't. I know it would be boring if we were all the same, so this condition keeps it interesting. I think there is something humorous about just about everything we do. We can't help it.

Watching people walk, talk, chew, drink, drive, exercise, or even sleep can be hysterical. We are all different kids of goofy, odd, and different - and that's all funny.

Anne thinks people falling is just about the funniest thing ever. I forget that sometimes until I'm flat on my face unexpectedly. Howls of laughter echo around me. She's probably right, because the internet is overflowing with various Fail videos.

Comedians crashing and burning on stage with bad material poorly delivered? Also funny because of how colossally un-funny it is.

Weird noises or personal practices in the bathroom? Definitely funny. I can't say more about this without one of you thinking, "Is he talking about me?" But, yes, I am.

So, really, you can't go wrong. On purpose or accidentally, just about everything is funny. Maybe not at first... but eventually, yeah.