Looking for a good read?

I was thinking about good reads today. There are several that come to mind. However, my taste may not be the same as yours. So I realized that any list I provide would be more of "books I enjoyed" instead of "books I recommend you read." This list may offer some insight into what I like to read, writers that speak to me, and the kinds of stories that I find interesting. If, after reviewing these selections, you see some correlation between us, then by all means please read some or all of these.

Harlan Coben

Probably my favorite author, period. The stories are well told and usually twist through varying kinds of darkness. However, their best quality lies in Coben's writing style; page-turners from front to back. I have lost countless hours of sleep because each chapter seems to end with an "OMG!" moment that begs for resolution.

A few noteworthy titles:

Michael Crichton

I went through a phase when I tried to read everything he wrote. I'm sure I did not succeed, but I enjoyed way more than I did not. I have written about my favorite movie adaptations of his, but these are some of his best books regardless of whether or not they made it to the big screen:

Stephen King

Author of great, scary books and a die-hard Red Sox fan. What's not to love about Stephen King? I admit that I went through a long stretch after college when I did not read very much. That changed when I picked up the daunting hardcover edition of The Stand. I was hooked within a few pages. Almost invariably, the books are outstanding and the movies are just OK. So, if you want a few nights with a nagging creepy feeling in the back of your neck, here are a few stories I enjoyed: